Tip-toeing back home, careful​ ​not to wake any slumbering soul, my heart still pounding from the night’s excesses, my ears ringing from blaring music. Yet I didn’t want to immediately surrender to the welcoming embrace of Hypnos and Nyx’s son under the cool sheets. It was too early for that. I wanted to savour a little longer this vast expanse of silence and calm that seemed to stretch infinitely, fragile like a spider’s web. Under the orange and petrol ceiling, a nocturnal and​ ​electrifying city-sized nightclub, I walked barefoot on the cool floor, opened the window, and gazed at the city, motionless and formidable like a sleeping dragon, imagining it as my own, obedient and satiated. I lit a cigarette, letting the night fill my lungs, knowing I had lived fully. No regrets.



Untitled (2022)
Mixed techinques on canvas Techniques mixtes sur toile

Price on request