Wai Ming LUNG is a Visual Artist born in Hong Kong in 1970. A Jack of all trades with an insatiable curiosity, he trained at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris where he was introduced to painting, graphic design, textile design and photography. After living through many different lives, as a fashion designer in Haute Couture, a creative director in advertising or a food critic, he decided to return to the arts.

Thus, he develops the concept of Fictional Art, reflections that tell stories through shapes, imagery and words, about the alienation of the human being in the modern world, transformation and transcendence of the self, spleen and ideal, sex and death - with a predominantly monochromatic palette, and the obsessive desire to infuse poetry in the mundane.

Wai Ming LUNG lives in Paris and Brussels.

Wai Ming Lung by David Dao

Photo by David Dao