SHDWBXNG is a reference to boxing, to shadow boxing, a training practice where the boxer simulates a fight against an imaginary opponent. Working in the shadows, against his or her own shadow. As in calligraphy, the same gesture is repeated over and over in hope that one stroke results in perfection.

Voluntarily minimalist, humble, rudimentary and monochrome, these pictorial works are at the crossroads of the artist's origins: Hong Kong and France. An inextricable cultural tangle, a balance between fragility, precision and the roughness of pugilistic art. In boxing, this arte povera of martial arts, Wai Ming LUNG has found a vehicle for his emotions, an instinctive language building the contours of a haunted world of gestures, legends, dreams, monsters, victories, defeats, fear and effort. With a brush stroke or a blade, the gesture draws negative shapes in componimento inculto, images revealed to the viewer only according to the whims of light.

Through SHWBXNG the artist pays homage to an outside layer of blood and sweat, to the time spent fighting ghosts, fighting against oneself or one's own shadow; fighting in the dark, tending towards the sublime, often without ever reaching it.

Stare down


Stare down

Chuck Wepner vs Muhammad Ali – Underdogs

Stare down

Success, Excess & Redemption