Knowledge is a curse

On the banks of Paris, the booksellers barely keep a distracted eye on their merchandise. People don’t steal books. Pages may fly away, but they’re not like banknotes and no one would bother to catch them. So it’s surprising to see the silhouette of a library resembling an impenetrable wall or a modernist fortress. Who would risk breaking into this daunting storehouse of knowledge when a simple click grants free access to all available information?

Magnificent edifice, the building casts the protective shadow of its sturdy shoulders over the passer- by gently strolling towards dawn, silent and imposing like a lighthouse guiding a ship in the darkness.

The only difference is that while a lighthouse is nothing more but a defiant middle finger pointed at the night sky, a simple provocation in the face of obscurantism, the library is a clenched fist ready to fly into the adversary’s jaw for a KO.



Knowledge is a curse (2023)
Mixed techniques on canvas