Home / Work

Get a good job, work hard, be zealous, buy a flat – this one not that one – in this area and not another, that car, that suit, that phone, that sofa, that table and chairs that are so handy when you invite friends over (and it doesn’t matter if they’re only used twice). Eat organic, buy those sustainable sneakers, those pants, hide your animal scent, that’s how they like you. Ride a bicycle, work hard and late, don’t spare your time, enjoy your paid leave, bear the crowded planes and beaches. Have drinks with colleagues you hate, eat lunch with one clumsy hand, work with the other trembling, cry in the toilets, smoke fags during breaks, say hello at the coffee machine.
Get up at the crack of dawn, come home when you can but not before, watch the series you have to see, and above all never do anything as if no one is watching you. You’ll be a Man, my son.



Home / Work (2023)
Diptych 140x120cm (x2)
Mixed techniques on canvas